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Toby Goodwin – Writer/Musician

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Mongoose (Fifteen Points)

Ever since the age of fifteen, Zoe Fenway has been quite certain that she is dying. A slight, almost imperceptible pain in the jaw. Sore muscles. Feelings of tiredness, apathy. A sinking sensation every morning. A breadcrumb trail to a certain and indomitable truth. The truth of her impending doom. No diagnosis was necessary, Zoe was more than capable of looking up the symptoms herself. She knew it in her bones, or rather she knew it in the lymph node just below her jawbone on the right-hand side. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, most likely. A likelihood that hung over her every day. A longing to name the serpent, but fear of its definition. Zoe Fenway is quite certain that she is dying, and Zoe Fenway is also totally pished.

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