Makarelle’s Anothology One

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Wringing my hands. Ringing? Wringing out. Mary always says I’ve got sweet hands, delicate petals. The dainty hands of a poet, which tracks. “Look under the couch,” Mary says from the hallway. She’s painting that wall, from wall to corner to wall to ceiling. I’ve been helping, somewhat, mostly moral support, but that’s because I’m…

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“I’ve just had the strangest night”

Bảo wasn’t from Glesga, so something about it appealed to him. The way folk kept putting it up there. The way no cunt ever saw it going up. The way it implied that the locals had a certain acrobatic ability. I suppose it encapsulated the place for him. So, on our breaks he was always…

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Father and Son

A’h was sookin at mah vape as we went up the hill, strawberry ice. Cold, sweet in mah lungs: headrush. Fae that or the hike. “Bad for the environment, they ones.” “Comin fae mr cigarette over there.” “Least cigarettes are natural.” We crested the valley and saw the great wicker body. “Rite of passage, m’boy.”…

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There’s this wee guy out buskin on the street, in the corner of my eye. I can see him through the glass of the lift and then again through the windaes of the shop. Makes me burn seein him. Not that the music’s bad. A’hm jist burnin. That’s whit bein a musician is, being jealous.…

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Turn it up.

My bass is in its case between my knees, and every time the car turns it shunts my leg further into the door. Tinnitus blending with the sound of the bypass. Screaming, whistling. Used to stress me out, but life’s about how you look at it, ae? I’ve chosen to find the sound interesting. In…

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(Fifteen Points) Ever since the age of fifteen, Zoe Fenway has been quite certain that she is dying. A slight, almost imperceptible pain in the jaw. Sore muscles. Feelings of tiredness, apathy. A sinking sensation every morning. A breadcrumb trail to a certain and indomitable truth. The truth of her impending doom. No diagnosis was…

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Bertram de Shotts

(1393) “So, tell me what you know of Bertram de Shotts,” Willielmo said into the flickering semi-darkness. “Hodon,” Baird said. The miller had only introduced himself moments before. He was short and gruff, but there was a certain sharpness to his eyes, glinting out between a pair of heavy sideburns. His home was scented of…

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There was a dull THUD as the two men slid free from the metal tube. “YOU told me this was a low-risk job!” Rishard said, landing heavily. Delta fell to the left of his companion, holding a black satchel above his head. The men were in grey, Planitech overalls and goggles.

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Makarelle – Lift (Love is Love) + Breath on the Glass (Coming Unraveled) + Mongoose (Tattoo)

The Purple Hermit – The Immortal Lobster (Behind the Mask) + Turn it up (Other Worlds)

Healthy Boy Zine – The Angel of Coffee (Issue #1)

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